Thirty-five years have been completed since the dormition of late Elder Archimandrite Charalambos
D. Vassilopoulos, founder of Panhellenic Orthodox Union and the Orthodox Press.
Late father Charalambos was many people’s Spiritual Father, avower of our Faith, and genuine
fighter against heresies.
Sixty years ago, he saw the imposition of secular power on Church Administration through political
Ecumenism and its effects on faithful people. He belongs to the holy array of genuine fathers and
masters of our Church’s recent years.
From his book “Ecumenism Without a Mask”, which is a thorough study about Ecumenism,
because it deals with and comments on every aspect of this undermining for the Orthodox Church
and the Greek Nation panheresis, we quote the following prophetic and revealing extracts:
1) The Heretics
The best partners of atheistic Ecumenism in its antichristian plan are heretics, that is those who
evade true faith and stubbornly stick with their fallacies. Ecumenism bossoms every supporter of
heresies as if they are its beloved children, and does its best for new heresies to spring up and grow.
It uses all Christ and His Church’s enemies as allies. It appropriately recruits the rivals of Truth, of
the light, of Orthodoxy……
2) Secular Leaders
For the promotion and success of its plan against the Christians, it uses the impious leaders and
tyrants of the Nations. It uses Masons pseudochristian state leaders as its tools. By means of their
power, it fights against the Church. Through their secular authoritarian power, Ecumenism manages to quake,
violate or even abolish the Church’s divine Law.
With the help of some influential people, who betray Orthodoxy, Ecumenism tries to demote
Christ’s Church, to lend it secular content, to turn it into a State Service, a Corporation, a Legal
Entity of Public Law! Ecumenism promotes disavowers of Christ’s faith to high office of State mechanisms. And, by
means of their power, it then attempts and sometimes manages to legislate against the spirit and
letter of the divine Law of Church.
Secular leaders, whom Ecumenists direct accordingly, think, through the selfishness and ignorance
that accompany them, that they can lead the Church not where it was aimed by Christ, but where, in
their opinion, their political interests lie. They want Christianity to serve their aspirations, their
diplomacy and their interests. They recrucify Christ so as to be able to have a “Church” prey to the
political powers of the world. They forge bonds against it in order to change it into a servant of this
Be it as an example the Ecclesiastical NATO which was referred to in the Greek Parliament several
years ago. They wished, urged by the invisible powers, to found an Ecclesiastical NATO for the
defence against Communism. They were persuaded by dark powers that with a religious NATO,
with a religiously united people of Europe, they would form a wall against Slavism.
Yet what a terrible and dramatic misunderstanding it is! But can’t these people understand that
Christ neither belongs nor has a place in treaties of the kind of the Warsaw Pact or the NATO?
Haven’t they realised the trap set by Ecumenism for the “MRA” plan, which is the unification of
Churches and later of Religions, to come off? Haven’t they perceived that this only serves the
devilish and catalytic plan of Ecumenism? Can’t they see that the Unification of Churches is
impossible and that through this “Union” , planned by some political brains of the West, no
strengthening of defence will be achieved but on the contrary, it will result in half-heartedness,
indifference and a decline of fighting spirit?
And half-heartedness will be an absolutely certain consequence, as an Ecumenism, that is a
unification of the Orthodox and the Heterodox, will lead to fragmentation, hatred, division of faith,
and then their militancy will lose its vigour…
Ecumenists are bound to know all these, but they pretend to be interested in humanity’s good…
However, we have to inform them that, when a fight takes place in favour of Orthodoxy, at least for
us Greeks, it has inexhaustible sources of power. It is a fight for Christ’s Church and not for the
fallacies, heresies and idolatry for which we are aimed by Ecumenism….
We also have to remind the dark agents of Ecumenism and those who delude themselves in front of
the Truth that in World War II, we Greeks, when “Elli”, our ship, was struck during the Holy
Service in Tinos, with the holy flame of faith in Holy Orthodoxy, we rose up and straightened
ourselves up against the detestable theomach Axis. Our Orthodox people punished the pride of the
antichrist invaders. They thwarted Mousolini and Hitler’s plans. And fighting against the iron hordes
of the rivals, they gave the great victory of faith. But which Orthodox Greek would fight for the
Pope and antichrist Ecumenism?
Then, let Ecumenists leave their lame and insidious arguments that we need to be religiously united
so as to supposedly strengthen the defence of the West! Let them not try it on with us.
3) The lukewarm ecclesiastical leaders
Worst of all, devilish Ecumenism often serves its plans with the help of Church officials. Let this
not seem weird, since Ecumenism, with the help of “its own” secular leaders, arbitrarily and with
illegal influence elevates Patriarchs, Archbishops and Bishops on their thrones and then uses these
“obliged ones” to bring its plan off.
It is known, after all, that these days different Patriarchates and Archbishoprics undergo great
pressure by secular leaders, politicians and tyrants. For instance, the Patriarchate of Moscow is not
only influenced but it is literally directed by politicians. And the fact that it joined the Global
Council of Churches is due to their unbearable pressure.
Besides, the Patriarchate of Constantinople is unimaginably influenced by Western Politics. This
influence has contributed to the contact of the Patriarchate with the Protestant “Ecumenic Council
of Churches.”
Unfortunately, there are clergymen who accept the help so as to ascend their thrones and
subsequently accept the influence, the submission to political powers.
But a Bishop or any Clergyman who has forgotten that he belongs to the “One, Saint, Catholic
Church”, who has forgotten that he is Orthodox and evidently violates the Holy Rules and gets
assimilated with the heretical Ecumenists, (he) may lie in the arms of secular power, he is still a
long way from Christ and His Church. His aim is not: “May God’s Kingdom Come” but: “May the
Antichrist’s kingdom come on earth.”