Kolymbari was a political device

Ορθόδοξος Τύπος Εφημερίδα

It is already known that the ecclesiastic persons who participated as well as those who did not participate suffered (because of) political press

Patriarchate of Constantinople

It is not accidental that, during the proceedings of the meeting in Kolymbarion, the Most Reverend Archbishop of America, who belonged to the delegation of the Patriarchate, went to Souda Military Foundation to inaugurate an American aircraft carrier. Let us not repeat the comments of  Orthodoxos Typos regarding the presence of Mrs. Elizabeth Prodromou who had cooperated with CIA, not even about the money given and the staff from the USA for the Synaxis (meeting) to take place. But we must note that between the two persons who were in charge of that meeting, that is between the Most Reverend Bishop of Pergamos and the Most Reverend Archbishop of France, they have promised to the latter, according to the information of Orthodoxos Typos that he will be elected for the position of the Archbishop of America while it is expected that the Most Reverend Bishop of Proikonesos is very likely to be transferred to France.

Church of Greece

The SYRIZA-ANEL government expressed the wish to settle the debt of Greece, for which not by chance the I.M.F. of the USA had stated that they reserved their rights regarding its viability. The political leadership participated in this meeting in Kolymbari in the most official way, while over the precedent time the Foreign Affairs Vice Minister himself had undertaken personally whatever had been unsolved regarding the Synaxis (meeting). The Archbishop of  Athens believes that there is radical differentiation between him and Patriarch Bartholomaios, but he also knows that the government may be pressed by the USA  to support Mr Bartholomaios, which may result in Hieronymos’ downfall in the same way as when there was a dispute  between Christodoulos and Bartholomaios in the past.

That is why he went to Crete. In our opinion, neither the USA nor the Greek government intended to support the Patriarch. They simply used him as they used to do with the mason Athinagoras whom America had appointed and set up for us to be finally led to the uprooting of Hellenism in 1995.

Church of Albania

It is well known that the Archbishop of Albania has relations with America from which he has received funds for the whole reconstructing project he is carrying out in Albania. His ecumenistic ideas are well known, as he did not only support the interreligious wedding during the last presynodic meeting in Chabezy (January 2016), as Orthodoxos Typos revealed but he also declared without hesitation in Kolymbari: “What is schism? Here you are. If we take a frock and we divide it into two parts, this is the schism! We have a frock here and there,” that is the church of the Orthodox and the church of the Pope. His behaviour is in perfect agreement with Albanian political leadership having good relations  with Vatican, which has “foundations” in Albania and this is a prerequisite for Albania’s desired accession to the European Union.

Patriarchate of Moscow

The Patriarchate was put under pressure by the Greek government who sent the Foreign Affairs Vice Minister to persuade the Patriarch of Moscow. The Patriarch did not accept, not for ecumenistic reasons as he had already been to Abana, for the first time in the history of the Patriarchate, in order to cooperate with the Pope, but because he acted on Vladimir Poutin’s orders. Initially, the Patriarch of Moscow tried to have the promise of the Patriarch of Constantinople that Ukraine would not be proclaimed as independent Church, because if that happened, this fact would have a political character. When the Patriarch of Moscow received the promise of the Patriarch of Constantinople, then he promised that he would participate in the meeting of Kolymbari. Poutin, noticing that the whole Synaxis (meeting) was under the support of the USA ordered the Patriarch of Moscow not to participate. It is by no chance that after the negotiation in Kolymbari Ukraine’s political leadership addressed to the Fanarion the request for recognition of the independence, which has not been satisfied yet and will continue not to be satisfied as long as the Russian Church continues not to face the subject of the meeting in Kolymbari.

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