Ορθόδοξος Τύπος Εφημερίδα


Holy relics sacrificed on the altar of profit and pseudounification!

The  Patriarchs claim to be contributing to fighting terrorism, while they themselves have been terrorising clergy and people, who have been reacting to their ecumenistic-despotic plans.

By Mr Georgios Tramboulis, theologian

And while terrorist attacks have become an almost every day reality, meetings among religious leaders and dialogues at both interchristian and interreligious level are held more and more frequently, as if one of the objectives of terrorist attacks were to lead religious communities to the accomplishment of their unity. Thus, at the end of April, on the occasion of the terrorist act, which took place in Egypt on Palm Sunday, on 9 April, when more than fifty people were killed, an interreligious convention was held in Cairo. On the occasion of the same event, on 23 May, a meeting took place in the capital of Russia between Cyrill, Patriarch of Moscow and Theodore II, Patriarch of the Copts .

The Russian Patriarch in his adress, among others, stated: “Thanks to God’s mercy, no problems exist between our Churches. There are theological issues, which we have inherited from our remote past and on which we have been cooperating with the aim of dealing with the existing dissensions.” Patriarch Cyrill indirectly lays the blame for the dogmatic differences that have existed with the monophysites since the 4th Ecumenical Synod on the remote past and on our holy forefathers and regards a contemporary heretic as a victim of history, an innocent heir of his ancestors’ faults! Accordingly, much more openly though, the Patriarch of Constantinople Mr Vartholomaeos as well as, on 30.11.1998, addressing a papal delegation had stated: “We should not waste time seeking responsibilities. Our forefathers, who bequeathed the division to us were unfortunate victims of the ancient evil serpent and are already in the hands of fair judge God.”

Unfortunately, the heresis of Ecumenism has been eating away all of the Orthodox Patriarchates. The Patriarchs, in order to be appreciable to globalisers and the dark centres, have been misled about their orthodox faith, resulting in the Church being secularised. Affected by ecumenists’ theology they have rendered the diffferences and contrasts existing between Church and hereses relative, differences and contrasts resulting from the rejection of the orthodox doctrine. Moreover, they have abjured the Tradition of the Church as a criterion and guarantee of faith.

Ecumenist Patriarchs have laid down as their principle the accomplishment of the reconciliation of christian communities, with each community tolerating and supposedly respecting, as they wish to believe, each other’s dissimilarity. With the aim of unity through the variety of diversity, as ecumenists typically emphasise, having rejected the long-standing dogmatic debates and putting forward a common evangelic responsibility towards the world and the problems it is facing, they are trying to project a supposedly common faith! So Patriarch Cyrill, deviating from dogmatic differences, is talking about common activities and close cooperation with the Copts . He particulartly referred to exchanges of monks’ visits between the Church of Russia and the Copts,  as well as the carriage of holy relics from Egypt to Russia, “so that the relations between the communities will be strengthened.”

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