The issue of Archbishop Demetrios’ “replacement” opens again…

Ορθόδοξος Τύπος Εφημερίδα

The Chief Editor of KATHIMERINI Mr. Alexis Papachelas has reopened the issue of Archbishop Demetrios’ “replacement” by his article “We need the Diaspora” (10.07.2016). His article leaves exposed the Archbishop and raises the matter of his succession. His view is not guidance only because of the newspaper’s prestige, but also because of his well known relations with American decision centers. We copy his words:
“Greeks aboard are also starting to lose their cultural and emotional ties with the country. Studies show, for example, that Greek parish churches in the US perform less than 10 baptisms a year on average. The absence of a strong religious leadership has weakened the diaspora’s religious bonds. If the next archbishop of America is not someone who can inspire the people and get them mobilized, then integration will swallow up what remains of traditional bonds. We also need community leaders who will bring second- and third-generation Greeks abroad closer to their roots. In the case of the US, this would be the only way to ensure the survival of a strong Greek lobby that does not limit its activities to photo-ops at the annual Greek Independence Day parade. There are plenty of patriots out there – both famous and low-profile who sense this need and want to make a contribution. Instead of finding ways to draw them in, Athens’s only line of approach is: Come and invest”.

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